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Symmetry Spa

Bemer Energy Medicine Technology

Bemer uses a patented electromagnetic field that increases general blood flow to the body after 8 minutes of laying on our therapeutic chaise. This increases oxygen delivery to cells, enhances cardiac function, physical endurance, energy, and concentration. It also promotes stress reduction, sleep management, relaxation and healing.
Berner Energy Technology

Red Light Therapy

Used cosmetically red light therapy positively effects skin cells and can smooth overall skin tone, repair sun damage and speed healing. It stimulates the production of collagen and our Thor Cold LLT Laser provides for a deep anti inflammatory effect.


Dental practitioners are uniquely qualified to deliver Botox therapy to patients and clients because of their intimate knowledge of human facial physiology. In addition to the cosmetic use of Botox it also has a muscle relaxation effect that can reduce teeth grinding and clenching. Dr. Melfi is a member and trained through the Academy of Facial Esthetics.


Message TherapyTherapeutic massage and bodywork services encourage relaxation and healing. We offer massage in conjunction with our dental treatment to relax your mind, release tension and restore healthy muscle movement. A ten minute massage session can be scheduled in conjunction with your dental appointment and traditional customized hour long massage therapy treatment appointments are available as well.



Reiki is a non-invasive, non-manipulative Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. We all have a life force energy that flows through our bodies and Reiki helps clear, straighten and heal our energy pathways allowing for a greater sense of overall well being. A Reiki practitioner heals by helping energy flow through energetic blocks in your body.
Reiki Services

Holisitic Health and Wellness Products:

Java Skincare Line

JAVA Coffee Infused Skin Care products marry the rejuvenating properties of green coffee – one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, with a unique blend of organic oils that are proven to nourish and protect the skin. This inspired union between coffee and organic oils produces JAVA’s remarkable skincare formula, which is unlike anything else on the market.

Java Cosmetics
Java Cosmetic
Java Cosmetic

Simply Symmetry Custom Blends

Simplysymmetry TonerWe are always striving to create new and innovative products that incorporate the finest ingredients and capture the spirit of our symmetry difference. We offer custom blended Simply Symmetry Facial Toner as well as Simply Symmetry Refreshing Mouth Rinse.

Young Living Essential Oils

We offer Young Living essential oils as they have set the standard for essential oil purity and potency. They use a proprietary process that focuses on all the important requirements for producing authentic essential oils including careful monitoring of seeds, cultivation, distillation testing and sealing of the final product.
Young Living Oils

Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps

We incorporate soothing holistic elements throughout our office space including salt rock lamps to help patients feel more relaxed and calm. We also offer the lamps for purchase in the spa.
Himalayan Salt rock Lamps

Symmetry Dental + Spa Gift Cards

The perfect gift, Symmetry Dental + Spa Gift Cards in a beautiful boxed presentation. Any denomination and can be used towards any dental procedure, Botox and Juvederm treatments, Massage, Reiki, Young Living Essential Oils, Java Coffee Infused Skincare, Energy Medicine Sessions, our own Simply Symmetry Products or a piece from our Silver Hippopotamus Gallery.

Symmetry Dental + Spa Gift Cards